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Download our How To Plan Guide below:

Terms and Conditions

$1000 Deposit to confirm your safari – balance payable on the last day of safari. No dates will be booked without a deposit.

Insurance and Liability

We recommend insurance for accidental death/disability, emergency medical evacuation and trip cancellation


Hunters can bring their rifles on safari or hire rifles from Steele game Safaris. The export/import paperwork is simple and we will help you throughout the process. Please contact us for more details and we will be glad to tell you about the whole process. A 7mm, 30-06, 300 win mag, 300 Weatherby, 338 or similar is sufficient for large antelopes. A 243, 270, 7×57.or similar is ideal for smaller antelopes. We recommend a 375, 416 or similar for hunting the Big Five.

Remember that your weapon must be bolt-action. Semi-automatic weapons are not permitted in South Africa. You will need a hard metal or plastic case with a lock for the flight and a soft cover for the safari. Bows and Crossbows require no permits or import/export paperwork.


To obtain these permits on your behalf, we need to clarify the following:

You can temporarily import a maximum of four firearms per hunter, but not more than one of the same caliber. You may only bring ammunition applicable to the firearms that you will be carrying – 40 rounds per caliber. No person under the age of 21 may bring firearms into South Africa or apply for a temporary import permit in his/her name. The barrel, frame or action is to be marked with the same serial number.

Semi-automatic shotguns for bird shooting or a custom-made handgun can be brought into South Africa for hunting purposes only. No self-protection firearms allowed.

Paperwork needed for temporary import permits:

  • SAPS 520 Forms – a pdf format or link will be sent to you from Steele Game Safaris – please complete the form and send it back.
  • Customs Form 4457 – this must be obtained at Customs – please complete and send it to Steele Game Safaris.
  • ** VERY IMPORTANT: The serial number on the custom form is the same as on the rifle.
  • Invitation Letter from the Outfitter you are booked to hunt with.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your itinerary.

Walking, stalking or hiding, with a rifle or a bow

You will be assisted by highly-qualified professionals, professional hunters and trackers to ensure an exciting hunting experience you will never forget. They will guide you through your first steps in Africa and, if you are already an experienced hunter, they will accompany you on your expeditions – giving you all the information you need on getting that coveted trophy.

We leave the lodge in hunting vehicles to spot the animals and approach on foot, adapting ourselves to your preferences or requirements.  Well-maintained 4×4 hunting vehicles for your hunting safari. First preparation of trophies is carried out at our premises and then they are sent to South African taxidermy, where they go through the compulsory period of quarantine, parasite control and skin/trophy for dispatch to your taxidermist or home.


Upon arriving at Johannesburg International Airport, a staff member from Steele Game Safaris will be waiting for you to help with the weapons import process (as appropriate). You will then immediately travel by motorway (approximately 4.5 hours) to the lodge Sha’beni, where we will be waiting for you to start your Safari.



The cold weather starts in late March and ends in mid-August. The winters are mild, with warm days and cold nights. Temperatures: an average daily high temperature is below 75°F and the coldest month is July with an average low of 52°F. It rains in summer time from October to March.


We recommend bringing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, as well as an insect repellent. A private hospital, doctors and pharmacies are available 45 minutes away from the lodge in the event of an emergency.

Malaria repellents, such as sprays, are recommended during humid periods, from October to April. In the Kruger Park National Park, there is a higher risk of malaria. During the moister periods, it is recommended to take malaria medication. The mosquitoes are active from the evening until the early morning. Tick repellents are also recommended.


We recommend khaki, dark green or camouflage clothing. Layering your clothing is a good option, because of colder mornings and evenings. During the mid-day, it does warm up. You do not need to bring many clothes with you because the daily laundry service is included in the accommodation price.

Dipping & Packing

Safari taxidermy will take care of your trophies after your Safari and will make sure that all documents are in place at the end of your Safari.

SAFARI TAXIDERMY | +27 15 293 2674/5 |
47 Goud Str I Laboria I Polokwane I RSA I 0704

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